Here at Infinity Power Solutions we strive to provide our customers with the most reliable and accurate assessment regarding the health of their standby battery systems.

We accomplish this by utilizing the most modern testing equipment available, along with highly trained field technicians who specialize in battery diagnosis.

A sample of our testing equipment is listed below.

Cellcorder CRT-400

Alber Cellcorder CRT-400

The Cellcorder CRT-400. Alber's newest handheld cell tester measures and records cell float voltage, internal cell resistance, and inter-cell connection resistance. Using a patented process, the Cellcorder applies a momentary load and calculates internal cell resistance by determining instantaneous voltage drop and load current. Algorithms make this measurement possible on cells float- ing on-line or off-line.

Digital Density Meter

Digital Density Meter

Accurately measuring specific gravity and electrolyte temperature is a vital part of battery health diagnosis. We use a specialized digital density meter suitable for use in industrial environments. It allows us to measure temperature, density, specific gravity, or percent concentration of acid in the electrolyte.

Megger Ducter

Megger Ducter DLR010X

The MEGGER DUCTER DLRO10X is the new standard in low resistance measurement. It features selectable test current up to 10 A dc to measure resistance from 0.1 µOhm to 2000 µOhms. Inter-cell connection resistance measurements must be accurate in order to insure proper current flow, prevent excessive heating and avoid a potential battery failure. That is why we use only the most reliable test equipment available.

Load Testing & Data Acquisition

BCT 2000

The BCT-2000 performs a capacity test using a programmed constant current or constant power load and an integrity test using a high current momentary load, allowing identification of weak cells. The data acquisition module acquires all cell voltages, overall string voltage, and current readings throughout the test duration.

IEEE Acceptance & Performance Load Testing: Capacity testing is performed at the completion of new installations and at specific intervals of the systems expected life span to ensure 100% availability of rated output. We utilize state of the art testing and monitoring equipment to guarantee accuracy. Along with the recorded data, our technicians perform continual visual inspections identifying potential defects in the system.